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PW:High lvl wizard PVP guide

PW:High lvl wizard PVP guide

Publié le 27/02/2009 à 12:00 par vcxvcx
Wizard is a popular character in Perfect World.It's introduce high level wizard PVP guide.If you are interest in it,please read up.If you feel trouble to level your character,you can buy PW powerleveling on our website,you will get a high level to your character in short time.

By level 80 you should be oneshotting archers with most of your crits, you can do tons of damage to warriors and werebeasts, and even robe priests take a pretty nasty chunk of damage from your sandstorms.

If you are in an organized guild, they may pool Apocaplypse Pages for you when you're 79 so that you can get Undine Strike, a horribly overpowered debuff of 1 second cast time that lowers your target's resistances to earth, water and fire by 60%. Note that does NOT mean you do 60% more damage, because of diminishing returns you'll do somewhere between 25-30% more damage, but it's still spectacular. Keep in mind that only one mage has to debuff for all of them to get the advantage.

By this point, blade tempest will oneshot any robies you come across, except very good geared priests (or priests who see you casting it and put on plume barrier.) Your dragon is nasty too, and will oneshot most archers if you hit them with undine before you use it. Unfortunately, undine's debuff isn't AoE, which limits the usefulness of this combo considerably. The difference undine makes for blade tempest is quite small.

If you don't have your distance shrink maxed by now, you're doing something horribly wrong. Max it immediately or you are useless in PVP. Distance shrink and sandstorm are the skills you are going to spam the most (and Undine, if you have it), and most of your other skills really just become situational. You can drop a gush between sandstorm cooldowns if you need to but skills like stone rain and glacial snare really won't see much use. You finally fit your job as a true heavy hitter damage dealer by this level.

It is a good practice to max out frostblade and give it to all the archers, warriors and werebeasts you see. I don't know exactly how much it helps them but the ones in my guild request it usually. At the very least it'll get you on their good side, which is a good thing because parties are essential for mages.

As far as your 80HH weapon, if you're robe I'd recommend the crit sword Yaksa, and for light armor I recommend Endless Ambiguity. Yaksa has a very nice pdef mod that robe users will adore, while Endless Ambiguity adds a whopping +165 HP which is spectacular for light armor. I am not a fan of the HH80 quoit because the damage is just about the same as Endless Ambiguity (it's a bit better but not by much) and it doesn't have the amazing HP modifier.

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The original article is here give credit to Pandora